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    September 2019

    Team speak will not load any settings windows.

    updated to the newest version and can not set any personalized settings. To be exact trying to get into my whisper list and get just this screen.
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    September 2019

    Whisper dialogue Issue

    Hi everyone, I have the following problem: I use TS3 and I would like to set the whisper, but as soon as I open the "whisperlist" window it continues to load and prevents me from clicking any button. How can I solve it?

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    November 2019

    Whisper problems

    When i try to make a whisper, the window that emerges cannot be modified

    P.D: I can't attach the screenshot, so i post it on a page.

    Can somebody help me?

    P.D: The Team Speak is in spanish

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    Whisper Problem

    Today i reinstalled my windows and i installed teamspeak 3 to speak with my friends.
    I see that I am able to create hotkeys to switch on what channel i want but when i go to the Whisper tab and i press the Whisper Lists button it appears but the only button that I can press is the Cancel button, nothing else.
    What I tried :
    -Run as administrator.
    -Trying on another teamspeak3 server.
    -Trying through hotkeys but there when I try to prees Push to whisper doesn't work.

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