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    How to deactivate auto channel admin, when creating a channel.

    I just wann know, how to deaktivate the auto channel admin, when your create a server. I dont need Server admin rights, so its not neccesary to have them, but i couldnt delete the group.

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    Sorry but I don' treally understand your question. You talk about channel admin and after server admin.

    But I guess you mean the default channel group when your create a channel.
    You can't, this is a normal behavior by the server settings (you can change this group) : Tools > Edit virtual server > click on "More" > "Misc" tab > Default Groups part and Channel Admin Group field

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    Question Disable auto assign of the 'Channel Admin' when i create a channel

    Is possible to stop the auto assign of 'Channel Admin' when i create a channel ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndRo_Marian View Post
    Is possible to stop the auto assign of 'Channel Admin' when i create a channel ?
    I don't think that is possible. If you create the channel then you are basically the channel owner and it will be directly assigned to you.

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    Just set the default channel admin group to guest. You can do so by editing your server (where you can change server name, welcome message etc).

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