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    Connecting to a Server Via a Domain name

    Right so,I've fought on with this for 4 or so hours now and finally gave up looking for a solution and decided to post here.

    I have a TS server hosted on a Local PC here at my house, The required ports are forwarded (9987(UDP) 10011(TCP) 300330(TCP)). I and other users can connect to it using my external IP Address, I have a domain registered with and would like to use a subdomain to connecct to my ts server like

    I have set up that subdomain and also set up a A and a SRV record up on the DNS management with the A record "host" set to and the "Points to" set to my external IP.

    The SVR record is set up with the "Service" as _ts3 the "Protocol" as _udp the "Name" as my external IP the "Target" as the "Priority" as 0 the "Weight" as 5 the "Port" as 9987 and finally the "TTL" as 1 Hour.

    Now when i try to connect to the ts server using my it tries to resolve the hostname then tries to connect to the server then fails to connect to the server.

    Am i doing even any of this right/what would i need to do to make it work? also sorry if this is layed out in a horrible way.

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    Please post your client log.
    Also, we can't help people with DNS problems who do not post their domain name.

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    Just use MyTeamSpeak´s server nickname feature.

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    In cases your local IP address (@home) changes you may wanna use DNS(ervices) for example like DynDns.

    Can you show us your 2 zone file records via. screenshot, please?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MyohuVF.png 
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    I experienced some providers need your domain name in the zone file and some not.
    In my example you see above I don't need my domain name.

    For some hosters you need like you can see below:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	vPeLgDb.png 
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    It's important not to miss the . (dot) behind your domain name (if your hoster needs it).


    As I said this is different from hoster to hoster.

    Some interfaces to edit your zone files will report if you are doing something wrong, some are not.
    There's a huge difference from hoster to hoster, too.

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