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    Invalid parameter in channelcreate command


    i'm trying to create a channel with the server query command channelcreate.

    channelcreate channel_name=MCelements0815 channel_flag_semi_permanent=1 channel_topic=3 channel_icon_id=3 channel_description=null cpid=1455
    error id=1538 msg=invalid\sparameter
    What does this response mean? I cant find anything in the serverquery manual about error id=1538.
    Of course, I can now gradually try which parameter is invalid. But is there no documentation?

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    I think... something was not recognised.

    What do you actually mean with that?

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    Have you read the manual?
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    I'm not really sure what actually is causing that error
    But it looks like the ID were missplaced or something like that

    Did you already tried it with some other valid/woking IDs?

    Well if not, can't help you at this way anymore.

    But is there no documentation?
    You may can find here somewhere a little "documentation" in this forum as a thread
    ... or some other guides.

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