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    Voice stutter only when playing Rainbow Six Siege

    i have really chopped audio\voice of Teamspeak, but only when playing Rainbow Six. This is expressed by delayed playback and chopped voice of me and my conversation partner. The sound of R6 runs normally.
    The problem only occurs when I play R6, other games like Overwatch don't have the problem. It is also interesting that the lag only occurs when both computers are in the game together, if only one of the two computers is in the game the Teamspeak audio is running normally.
    the client log doesn't generate any entries when the stuttering occurs.

    I tested with three computers which are at my home:
    • I7-2700k 4c @4.5Ghz, 16gb ram, SSD, GTX970
    • i7-4770k 4c @3.5Ghz, 16gb ram, SSD, GTX1070
    • i9-9900k 8c @3.6Ghz, 32gb ram, SSD, GTX1080ti
    • 4770k and 9900k have a Soundblaster-z sound card and a Senheiser game zero headset. 2700k has only one internal soundcard.
    • Teamspeak server on an intel nuc, also in the home network.
    • Internet speed 250/50 mbit cable
    • Both computers run with Win10 pro all drivers are up to date.

    What I already tried:
    • Using the Teamspeak Testserver
    • Plug the sound card into another pci slot.
    • Connect headset to internal (mainboard) soundcard.
    • Switch graphic settings low-max, fullscreen/window/borderless, Vsync.
    • Exit any other background programs.
    • Limit the CPU load of the r6 process so that there is enough power for the rest.
    • Lock a CPU core for r6 and make it available only for Teamspeak.

    does anyone have an idea what the problem could be? i'm happy to provide more information if needed.
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    found the issue, had to deactivate exclusive mode in the windows sound settings.
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