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    Disconnect with a 4G connection

    Using a Motorola e5 Play with OpenVPN to make a connection to my house and then firing up the TeamSpeak App to make a connection to the Team Speak server at home. When the phone goes dark into lock mode I lose connection. When the phone is not locked I don't lose connection. This doesn't happen over my home WiFi at all. Just 4G. I tried messing with various sleep settings to no joy. I need to keep the phone display on otherwise the connection is dropped. How do I remedy this?

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    Found the issue. It was in the OpenVPN App in my phone. There's a setting that will disconnect the VPN when you lock your phone or turn off your phone's display. So that's why I was losing my connection to my Team Speak server. Enabling the option in the OpenVPN App settings to not disconnect on phone lock keeps the connection going.

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