Good morning TeamSpeak team.

I've been using the Ts3 client with an external interface for years (Presonus AudioBox USB). This has unfortunately given up his mind. Since I still own the FireStudio Project Interface from Presonus, I wanted to save myself the purchase of a new interface. But now to my problem.

The FireStudio Project is connected via Firewire to my PC. From Windows (win10Pro 64 bit), everything works fine. Headphones and microphone are recognized and work properly. But as soon as I start the Ts3 client works nothing more. I have updated all drivers have tried any settings. And yet had no success. For further information. The interface is displayed in the options. Even with its use no function available. ASIO / ASIO4ALL drivers are also up to date.

I ask for help to solve this problem.

I thank you in advance for your efforts and remain,

kind regards

Daniel Holzweißig