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    How to use TS3server invite link on modal message.

    Hey guys,
    I have abit of an odd question. I want to redirect users from my old backup server to my new backup server. I want to do so via the disconnect modal message, however, when I use the regular ts3server:// it doesn't work on the Disconnect message. I even tried adding in [url]ts3server://[ /url] and it appears the link is clickable, however, when I click it the connection never finishes.

    Some years ago I saw servers using this, and I am trying to recreate that magic. Any help is much appreciated!

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    Try this magic link :
    HTML Code:
    [url=ts3server://]text for the link[/url]

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    Unfortunately that doesnt work for me. When I click on it in the "modal" box it doesnt properly work :/

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    HTML Code:
    [url=ts3server://Nickname/IP]text which is displayed as the link[/url]
    That΄s how I have it on my server and it works perfectly fine. If you want to add the server directly to the bookmarks you cann add ?addbookmark like this:
    HTML Code:
    [url=ts3server://Nickname/IP?addbookmark=BookmarkName]text which is displayed as the link[/url]

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    Thanks for your help Dom, some weird stuff. It works for others but just not for me, atleast its working for the majority!

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