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    Update: We've pushed out the pending server fix globally. If you had a server created via 'create server' marked as 'pending' it will have been removed, and you can create another in the normal way.

    Thanks to everyone who got in touch, and let us know if you still have problems via the usual channels.

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    I had the pending Server issue but now when i log out and log back in i get this issue
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    MyTeamspeak username is imGunter

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    Find Guys on Teamspeak 5.

    Hello, I have some feedback on TS5. In TS5, you can not find your friends and search for them for 1 hour.

    My idea is to add ts5 a buddy function as in ts3 and a search option like ctrl + f to search.

    It's a small text, but the functions are important

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    I still have the pending server issue. Been trying to test TS out and cant

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