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    TS5 Beta - Known issues and workarounds

    First of all - TS5 Hype! Since there is neither a section in the forums for TS5 yet nor can I post in the "Off-Topic" area I'm starting this thread here.

    During the beta phase there will be obviously some probems/bugs with the client. I'd like to make this a "living" (growning) collection of issues and possible workarounds so every beta tester can expierence TS5 at it's best
    So let's start with those things that are on my mind:

    1. Muting a client gets resetted after reconnecting
      Workaround: Set the clients volume to -200dB instead. But keep in mind that active AGC will cause you to hear that client still a little bit.

    2. Added/changed channel icons are not visible
      Workaround 1: Restarting the server.
      Workaround 2: Clearing the folder "%AppData%\Roaming\TS5Client\cache" while the client is closed
    3. Login to create the free 10 slot server fails
      Workaround: Check under account settings if the email you are logged in with is written upper case. If so, login anew with lower case letters.

    4. Badges are not displayed
      Workaround: Client restart
    5. Compact server tree mode not saved when restarting client
      Workaround: Settings>Appearance>Use Compact Tree
    6. See more/all Group Icons
      Go to "Developer Tools" by entering this into the adress bar.
    7. BBCode is not working anymore
      Use the custom markdown, f.e.: __ __; ** **; ``` ```
    8. RAM usage goes crazy (like 2~3GB)
      Workaround: Client restart seems to be the only option atm
    9. Having the unread message notifier but can't see who wrote
      Workaround: You have to check your offline contacts manually atm.
    10. Client crashes when trying to connect on any server (Win10)
      Workaround: Installing the big bunch of windows updates you are missing

    Not yet implemented / Work in Progress*:
    • managing the permission system
    • Server chat (log)
    • File transfer
    • Moving multiple clients
    • Unlimited group chats
    • Recording, 3D sound, phonetics
    • Setting up client avatars on servers
    • Creation of privilege keys
    • Setting up channel icons
    • Mark clients as buddy in tree (+show custom name)
    • Connection status (Ping, paket loss, IP, ...)
    • Themes, icon packs, sound packs, plugins
    • Mobile App
    • being able to delete the free 10 slot server

    That's it so far, guess some edits will come soon
    GL & HF with the TS5 beta!

    *Some features may not be used any longer in TS5
    Last edited by deathdragonaw; November 1st, 2019 at 06:45 PM. Reason: Client crashes when trying to connect on any server

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