Hello everyone, hopefully, someone can help me.
So I just got this problem about 2-3 hours ago from when I made this post. When I started my PC up and everything I turned on my server and connected and everything worked. However, my internet decided to crash and now I can't connect to the server. When I click on the ts3server.exe within the server files everything seems to work. When I try to connect I get an error message in the ts3 client reading "Failed to connect to server". Not too sure why I am getting this. Everything was working fine before.

What I have done to troubleshoot so far was restarting my internet & range extender. (Did work on using range extender before and I can't use a hardwire to my router). I tried to update the server by downloading a new server from the official website and overwrite the files. I restarted my PC numerous times. Nothing seems to be working.

When I look into the logs files I compared it to an old log file from about 1 month ago and it has the same message. Nothing different or indicating something is wrong.

Something must have happened when my Internet crashed, but I don't know what. My firewall isn't blocking anything. I checked the ports and everything is open. In theory, everything seems to work, but I can't connect to the server.

Well if anyone can help that would be great. If you need more information leave a comment I will reply with what info you need.