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    Ignoring image link parameters

    Why is TS3 ignoring TS3 images with additional parameters?

    Try adding this image into the channel description and tell me how do you see it please:

    When you open this link in browser it returns image with background and 64x64 size, but TS3 channel description not.

    Thanks for fast feedback.

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    Hmm, I just got access to TS5 beta, and it is fixed there, is it so hard to actually LOOK & REPLY to this thread, with anything from you "developers"?

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    Hah, funny thing, a non-developer kind human, investigated this issue, and found out it is a bug in TS3 URL encoding

    I can not believe that TS3 developers do not care about their "customers" or "community" or w/e, and a guy that has nothing special with TS3 looked into it and helped me.

    And TS3 will 100% not fix this bug, as we know them.

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    TS3 Client wrongly encodes image URL parameters

    Hi, I just created an account to confirm this issue and explain what's actually causing it.

    The TeamSpeak3 Client encodes the URL parameters in a wrong way, i.e.
    which results in every parameter except the first one to be prefixed with
    separates query parameters).

    See this for yourself.
    The first request is from Chromium:
    The second request is from the TeamSpeak3 Client:

    This shows that it's indeed a bug in the TeamSpeak Client. It should not encode the
    since that messes up the query parameters.
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    both of your links are 404

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