Hello everyone!

First of all this is a solved problem. I just wanted to tell people what is the solution.

Maybe I am the only one who ran into this problem.

I have Samsung galaxy S8 and just got my hands on a Dex pad. I tried to use it with A 2.0 and the HDMI connected into a monitor. 2.0 connected into the monitor and every app was fine. Team Speak 3 android was the only one what was not working well. After I started TS3 the sound only came out via the Phone.

The solution:
In the settings turn on "Hands free". "Use loudspeaker for Sound Output"

This is obvius... but I was not able to find this for 2 hours If this thread helps only to 1 person I will be happy.

Anyone can close this thread bcos it is solved. I just registered to the forum because i wanted to share this information.