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    TeamSpeak 5: MyTeamSpeak account not working

    Hello Teamspeak Team,

    I just recieved my Beta invitation Code for the Teamspeak 5 Beta and I am enjoyed about the new Client.

    But my big problem is that when my friends klick on me to send me a contact request, they can not send it to me, because it says "This user needs a myTeamSpeak account to recieve contact requests."

    I tried to restart temspeak and to relog, but it is still there and i do not know what else i could try.

    I hope that you can gelp me.
    Many Thanks in advance.

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    Make sure "Use myTS Features" is enabled in your bookmark and that the Server is latest version 3.9.1.
    This is needed or else you have no myTS ID on that server and nobody can add you that way.
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