I will update this thread from time to time to give more feedback.

First of all i really like the new design but id like to suggest a little addition to the non compact layout:
  • Add an option to display badges and group icons on the right like in the compact tree and vertically center the names.

Features im missing:
  1. The server chat. I know that you can see a few events on the bottom right of the channel tree but i would like to see a full history of what happened like in the old client. Plus without a server chat it is not possible to send a message to everyone on the server.
  2. The "connection quality" icons dont show numbers anymore. The tooltip should show them just like the old client.
  3. Persistent server chats. Something like the server chat in the old client but the messages in this chat will be saved on the server. This way everyone connecting to the server will be able to read it. Even if they were not connected when the message was sent. (I know this will require a new server version. But i was kind of expecting this to be included looking at the previews.)

Bugs i encountered so far:
  1. When changing the layout using the buttons on the top right of the channel tree and pressing "Mouse-4" right after, the layout changes back to the previous one. Just like going back to the last page in a browser. (Mouse-4 is my "mute sound" hotkey)
  2. When deleting a channel with multiple sub-channels the sound "channel deleted" stacks up.

And one last thing for now: I understand that a web/browser based UI will require more resources than a native UI and that this beta is most likely not optimised but i think this is a little too much
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It goes up to about 3gb and then back to 1gb over a timespan of a few minutes.