I've been testing the TS5 beta with some friends of mine and all in all I'm really looking forward to the new client and its new features.
However, there is one persistent issue that all of us were able to replicate, there seems to be an issue with the audio quality in the beta. The audio can be described as more muffled compared to TS3. I didn't see a detailed mention about this issue on the forums so I thought I'd create a thread for the discussion of this bug, if it even is a bug and not our imagination.

Some details about the issue:
  • Seems only to affect outgoing audio.
  • Tests were done in a channel with opus music at the quality 10 setting.
  • Server version is 3.9.1 for Linux running in docker with the official teamspeak image (latest).
  • We are all relatively close to the server, the highest measured ping was 15ms with no observed packet loss.
  • TS3 client version was 3.5.0Beta, TS5 client version was beta8, both on Windows 10.
  • The perceived muffling from TS5 clients did vary but was always worse compared to TS3.