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    Specific User drops when other specific user connect


    I have problem with dropping user connection. So, first user is connected normally without problems on teamspeak, but only until second user connects on Teamspeak, then immediately first user drops connection, without packetloss or raising ping or anything.

    As title says, those are 2 specific users, no one else, and they don't have nothing in common in Teamspeak (Nick, IP). Even their ISP is different. Its probably firewall, but I've contacted my hosting provider and they don't know what could it be

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    You can't really diagnose the problem without checking the logs. Checks teamspeak logs as well as your server connection logs. You may also ask them to ping your host at the same time, they don't need to use the same isp to have anything in common, perhaps there is some sort of conflict along the way to you host (Though it's unlikely)

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