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    Push-To-Talk failure when recording

    Whenever I attempt to record in a channel, as soon as I push "start recording" and the window pops up that prompts me to save the recording to a location, my push-to-talk fails. I can no longer talk as the push-to-talk button no longer registers. When I stop recording, it continues to fail and I have to restart TeamSpeak. I have tried re-installing and re-starting my computer and the issue still persists. My Capture profile and my Hotkeys profile are all set up properly. Any advice?

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    Works for me on Win 10.

    Which client and operation system is this happening on?
    Which hotkey do you use for PTT.
    Do you have any errors in your client log?
    Are you runningthe client in admin mode?

    You gave us nothing to retest this with your setup.
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    -Currently running Windows 10. (Fully updated)
    -I have tried using various different hotkeys including mouse keys and keyboard keys, does the same thing for every one of them. My keys I've used specifically are F8 and -
    -Looking through my last log I'm not sure if there is an error or not in it. I am not familiar with this kind of stuff.
    -I have tried to run in admin mode and it does the exact same thing.
    -TS3 version 3.3.2

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    Resolved - I uninstalled the 64-bit version and installed the 32-bit version and this problem went away.

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    I'm having the same issues on Win10 64 bit.

    As soon as I hit record it's as if TeamSpeak can no longer detect any keyboard inputs. I am unable to change my PTT key and no keys are detected in the change PTT window. The client log does not show any errors.
    The weirdest thing is I haven't changed anything or updated anything since last week when it worked fine. My only guess is that there might have been a Windows update that botched something.

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