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    TS5 hotkeys issue

    Hey out there!

    Hotkeys or now called key bindings are not working like they should.

    With TeamSpeak3 opened, minimized or in system tray the client recognizes any of my set key binds.
    Even if I have full-windowed apps opened in the foreground for example games or other apps.

    With TeamSpeak5 opened or minimized key bindings are not being recognised if I have full-windowed apps opened in the foreground.

    This issue seems to appear on the most tested full-windowed games.
    Some apps like browsers in full-windowed mode (in the foreground) will cause the same issue.

    The workaround to minimize the game or tab-out on Windows isn't quite nice.

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    Tnx. Put that onto our "to fix" list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    Tnx. Put that onto our "to fix" list.
    Since the title of the thread encompasses all hotkey issues I also wanted to note that the key binds menu no longer recognizes input from HID compliant game controllers.

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