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    Server random crash

    Hello, at the beginning I apologize for my English.

    I will try to explain in detail what the problem is.
    I have running TS3 server version 3.9.1 in OS Windows Server 2019 Version 1809 build 17763.1 64bit.
    Using dbPlugin MariaDB version 3. For testing purposes, the database holds the program XAMPP.
    Limited functionality (No licence) max 32 Slot.

    The main problem is the random server crash. Example server crash sequence in version 3.9.1:
    07.09.2019 20:45 (66kB)
    23.10.2019 7:21 (110kB)
    03.11.2019 12:24 (107kB)
    03.11.2019 20:24 (100kB)
    08.11.2019 20:46 (106kB)
    14.11.2019 9:37 (105kB)

    There is no server crash information in the log, only crash dump.
    In Windows Server with visual interface, after the server crashes, the icon remains in the notification box. When you point your mouse, the server icon disappears immediately.

    I don't know how to open a crash report and find out the problem.
    Please any ideas how to solve this problem.
    Additionally, I can upload server crash dump records.

    Thank for help.

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    Without any log 0 & crash dump attached we also can't even guess your problem.

    1. Your server is outdated. 3.10.0 is the latest one.
    2. Using mariaDB for such micro server is not suggested. Only when you have instances with several virtual servers running you can think about switching to mariaDB.
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