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    NPL to standard 32

    Hello folks,

    Im a new user on the forum but not new with the Teamspeak community. Ive been hosting TS servers since 2004 for friends, community and family.

    I had a surprise last month when tried to update my Teamspeak server running under debian from 3.7.1 to last version. It was not working anymore. Restored backup and then did a little research to discover that the NPL licenses have been moved to another galaxy.

    No problems there, I understand that it is hard to live from something you sell....and you give....and people abuse.

    That being said, my community is very small and I think I could live with a 32 slot or even paid for a 64.

    My question : How to move from the NPL license to regular one or paid one without being forced to reinstall completely my server ?

    I tried, but broken everything. Someone have a written guide or docs or something to enlight me ?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help and have a nice week-end !

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    We have no idea what anything of this has to do with any license.
    You should check your log why he server did not work or start etc..
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    There should be no problem with server license
    Did you update TS server to latest version?

    Did you make a file .ts3server_license_accepted with license_accepted=1' in it?
    Just make sure the "licensekey.dat" is still in teamspeak server directory. It should work without problem.

    I you have errors, please make some screenshots or post the logs showing where you stuck with TS server.

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