Hi All,

I just installed the Android app. for my Motorola G7plus using Android 9 and am stuck with a few things. The most important issue is when I choose a particular Server name, (which is for a seminar i have to attend in 36 hours time, it then connects me to that server successfully, but holds me in the Lobby (of the respective language choices spoken during the seminar). I need to move myself out of the Lobby and into the English channel. When using my laptop with Windows, it's simply a matter of using the mouse and dragging my name out of the Lobby and into the English channel, but there seems to be no way to do this on the mobile phone app. I can use the mobile phone screen to drag myself as User from left to right or right to left (if "Long click on client" under settings is un-ticked), but not downwards into other language channels.

My other currently less important issue, but also annoying, is that when I am in the group (i.e. stuck in the Lobby) and choose some option like Settings or drag myself as the User to the left (which brings up Client Info screen), I get stuck on that screen....settings or client info or whatever and the only way to get back into the group is close the app. and re-open the app. and connect again. I've been playing around for ages trying every possibility I can find to move beyond these problems but am completely stuck. As I've got this important seminar coming up and I really need to access via my mobile, it would be fantastic if anyone can share any knowledge about any of these issues,

Very much appreciated,