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    [BUG][TeamSpeak5] ban time

    Dear readers,

    I noticed an error on TeamSpeak5. When we get a ban that lasts longer than 24h, the timer shows the time incorrectly. It does not show more than 24h. In the photo (teamspeak3) I have a 28-day blockade, but in the second photo (teamspeak5) the time is counted down to only one day. After the end of the day, it counts down the day again until the blockade has passed.

    In addition, there is no reason for the ban and date of posting, which further misleads the user.

    Name:  tsbug01.png
Views: 226
Size:  206.4 KB

    If the picture does not display whole, please click "show picture" or save the picture. This is a large picture (two monitors), so the browser may display it incorrectly for some users.

    The photo has the same ban. On one side of TeamSpeak3. On the other side of TeamSpeak5.

    In case of any problems please contact me via my email address provided in the account configuration. This is the same email that was used for the myteamspeak account.


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    Approved! Will create a ticket for our developers to get it fixed.

    Note: Years have same problem and seem to show wrong amount of days.
    Also created a ticket for ban reason
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