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    Whisper issues (started in 3.10.0)

    Ever since the new TEAMSPEAK server version and client version whispers have been really messed up. Sometimes you can hear them but sometimes they cut out. What’s the best option for fixing this

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    Channel Commander/Whispers Bugged.. Please Help


    We use Teamspeak for a 40 v 40 FPS game, basically in the game there are different "Squads" and we want to have the ability to cross communicate between squads using channel commander. So we went ahead and set up channel commander and made sure we did it correctly, we found out that only some of us could hear each other.. it was random, some of us could hear some people while others could not, everyone was different. keep in mind this is a group of like 5 of us each the "squad leaders". So between the 5 of us we all couldn't hear each other. What we found was we had to restart the whole teamspeak server itself to get it to fix.

    After we did that the next day, we needed someone else to be one of the "SquadLeaders" so we had to set him up with the Channel Commander.. once we did that he couldn't hear everyone an some of us couldn't hear him.. SO we restarted the TS server and it was fine, Everything worked. So it's like everytime you add a new channel commander you have to restart the TS server to get it to work, but this doesn't happen to everyone, some people that are new channel commanders can set it up and everything is fine.

    I'm not sure if there is a known bug with this but I can't find one anywhere. This whole story also applies to whispers as well. Yes we all set it up correctly.

    Can anyone help please?
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    Dear TeamSpeak team,
    Bump to this thread, we've got same situation. Sometimes whisper is working correctly but sometimes some of users doesnt hear whisper.
    All problems are dissapeared after restart of TS server. Thats strange. Maybe we can get some logs from TS3 clients or server to make research into this behaviour?

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    What OS is your TS Server Running on? ours is on Linux and am wondering if it has something to do with that maybe.

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    Which server version are we talking about? Nobody in here mentioned the version he used.

    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    Thanks for all the feedback. We are currently evaluating this issue and may fix this in server 3.12.0 (there is not enough time left to get this 100% solved in 3.11.0)
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    Server is 3.10.2 Linux and client is 3.3.2 Does this answer your question?

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    3.10.2, Linux - server
    3.3.2, Windows 64 bit - client

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    Whisper Communication within Channels not functioning properly

    I work with a gaming community, in which we use Teamspeak as a form of communication for our FiveM server allowing for radio traffic through channels using whispers. Now everything usually works okay and the LEOs can hear everyone and whisper back and forth for radio.

    The main issue that we keep running into recently is that some people can't hear whispers from select people, in which others could, or no one could completely. This has only started to happen recently and has become a major issue for us, as for testing purposes I've gone through and reassigned the role to allow for whispers. Which we did that and everything was still barely working; after some users disconnected from the server, or restarted their teamspeak it would start to work for them.

    Restarting or reconnecting to the server has been our main way of troubleshooting this issue, it has reach the point where it starts to happen randomly and a lot more frequent; in-which I am making this thread in hopes that it can be looked at or we can do some troubleshooting that you think would help all together.
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