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    I'm working at the ATHP and can agree that on server 3.10.2 this issue exist (and happens frequently)
    Many of our clients are complaining about this bug because they can only restart their server to get whisper working again. But sometimes after a 10-30 minutes it's again broken and they are angry.

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    My whisper stopped working tonight again. Everything was working fine but then i did following (by accident but it broke my outgoing whispers, incoming working fine) :
    I was in the channel with channel commander on
    Went into Bookmarks - clicked on the server i was currently logged in
    This DCed me ofc and then connected back to lobby. Channel commander icon (i have it pulled to the upper menu to mic mute etc) stayed lit up (not sure if this is intended).
    I rejoined the channel and outgoing whispers were not working anymore.

    I don't know if these are steps to really replicate the problem but better to post it anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    Thanks for all the feedback. We are currently evaluating this issue and may fix this in server 3.12.0 (there is not enough time left to get this 100% solved in 3.11.0)

    Is anyone in here having issues with groups or single user or channels as whisper target or is it only happening for channel commander?
    we are having issues with just about everything. Mainly server groups.

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