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    TS5 - Buttons Stuck Bug after spamming these

    TS5 (Version: 5.0.0-beta.17)

    Hey Teamspeak Team,

    I don't know if it's a known Bug.
    If you spam either the afk button, the mic mute button or the sound mute button while connected on a server the buttons will get stuck and you need to reconnect to be able to toggle the buttons again.
    Name:  bug.PNG
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    I hote it could help.

    Fabian | XaliBurMc

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    Itīs the flood protection from the server you are connected to. When you spam commands without the permissions to "spam" you get flood banned from the server. This happens in TeamSpeak 3 too and is intended behaviour.

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    TS5 Beta17 Bug report - AFK button

    I don't know why anyone will do this.. but when I clicked this AFK button Name:  Untitled.png
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Size:  525 Bytes multiples time, so now I can't remove myself from AFK and vice-versa.


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    Your are in Flood protection. That's not a bug.
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