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    [Pre-Release] TeamSpeak Server 3.11.0

    Good morning everyone.
    We released a preview for upcoming TeamSpeak Server.

    This version only fixes some bugs and adds small features to the ServerQuery.
    We also try solve the problem where server starts lagging or user timeout on channel or group creation/edit etc. We hope this versions runs better now.

    ## Server Release 3.11.0 15 January 2020
    ### Important
    -  Channel with deprecated codecs (Speex/CELT) are being updated to use Opus instead.
    ### Added
    - The query command `privilegekeylist` also returns the `token_customset` now.
    - The query command `channellist` has a new option `-banners`
    ### Changed
    - Because of degraded performance on larger servers, the new hint system has been disabled per default.
    - Made further improvements to timeout and latency handling for larger servers.
    ### Fixed
    - Adding or removing user in ServerQuery groups may have returned invalid error codes.
    - Changing `serverinstance_guest_serverquery_group` properly ensures only
      ServerQuery groups can be assigned.

    Here you can Download the server.

    Docker user get their server with following command.
    docker build "" --build-arg TEAMSPEAK_CHECKSUM=4c2a7712f38071295860149359759aa456267efc101c170017d2f86954f62910 --build-arg TEAMSPEAK_URL= --tag teamspeak:latest --tag teamspeak:3.11 --tag teamspeak:3.11.0-beta.2

    You have something to say about that version? then leave your feedback here.
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