Dear Community,

I'm maintaining since a long time a TeamSpeak server with about ~40 Users peak per Day. I have two questions...

1. I have written an Ansible Playbook, which is able to update and rollback my server but is there any official mechanism for this task?

2. It would help, if there is a simple way to figure out, which is the latest server version. Like /download/latest as rewrite or an API which can tell me the latest version string. Is there something like this?

At the moment I call a shell script to get the latest download link, which parses the download website and returns a link selected with some regex...
This is really not nice
export link=$(wget -q -O - | grep -oPm 1 '(?<=")(https:\/\/[\w\/\.\-_]+server\w+linux.amd64[\w_\-\d\.]+.tar.bz2)')

Thanks in advance,