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    Music Bot Unable to Connect


    I know its not related to teamspeak but music bot as its a sinusbot issue. But as I fixed all the issues related with sinusbot there is some problem with my teamspeak server.

    This error is generated. The bot connects to the server and then disconnects. Can somemone tell me how to fix this mess? My music bot is able to connect to every server in the world but mine.

    I feel like putting a grenade in my ass and blow myself as I am unable to find any solution to fix this

    TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Disconnected or forced to leave, want autoreconnect = 0

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    To check:
    - UID security level
    - UID limitation (i_client_max_clones_uid)
    - Sinusbot updates

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    UID Security Level on server: 8
    Music Bot Security level: Increased to 20 thru the given guidelines.
    UID Limitation: Not an issue.

    From the side of sinusbot I got this reply
    "As mentioned the TS server can force min. client versions. This does not only depend on the ts server version, there is also an option in the ts server database: "virtualserver_min_client_version"."

    They asked me to head over to this forum so here I am.....If anyone has the suggestion on how to fix this it might be really helpful to me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    One of the issues I faced today, was that channel has the user limit (my fault). Bot cannot connect.
    If you did not changed anything in database and sinusbot is up to date, probably the client version is not an issue.

    This bot is "brand new" instance or it was used before?
    Maybe default channel is a problem?

    If you have one bot only, try to add another instance and try to connect just to make sure it's not only this instance error.
    Can you post Instance log?

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