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    Bug / Possible Exploit - [TS5] Tagging Exposes Identity Information

    So I downloaded the beta and was messing around with it with some of my officers. I tried the new @ feature in chat. Just to see what it was like etc. Much to my dismay they started to ask me what I was doing, come to find out if you donít have TS5. The tag is displaying <@uniqueid|=displayname>. I have screenshots but for their security I am not posting it. I can send them to a TS Admin email if necessary. Can we get this patched if only to have ts3 ignore that string ?
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    Hello on which version on my side I can't reproduce this problem.

    latest beta 18.


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    TS3 does the same but that's not a bug or any security issue.
    The information you have there is part of the Public Key which is made to used in public. It would be bad when the Private Key is exposed.
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    Yea my server admin was telling me that when I passed it on. Was not aware it was that sophisticated. As for version Iím assuming you mean TS5? Iím on 5.0.0-beta.18

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