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    GDPR Compliance / Ip Location Breach

    Hi all my network is running through a Untangle Premium firewall and then running a 24/7 server currently running TeamSpeak unfortunatly teamspeak use Ip2Location to find the location of the server (area) It used to say London which was fine. Then Ip2location decided to update there database which means ip2location shows my actual location and actual postcode the lot. I have contacted them on numerous occasions but each time the email has been ignored by ip2location.

    I was wondering if there is anything I can do as I belive this is a GDPR data breach as all other ip sites show a area not my physical location.

    Thanks everyone for your help

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    You should contact Teamspeak to request for any personal data removal.

    Teamspeak will contact their upstream providers for data removal as per GDPR.

    That should be a proper process as we can't guarantee that Teamspeak is using IP2Location solely as the data source without getting their legal confirmation.

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    The list will always show what the current integrated IP2location database will tell depending on your IP.
    You need to remove your server from the server list or change the IP to avoid to show the location.

    Ps that information is deleted after ~10 minutes have passed and the server did not report to the list during this time.
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