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    Question Event "player joined/leaved" incorrect

    Event "player joined/leaved" plays when player joins/leaves other, not my, channel.
    Very annoying and strange thing, as if someone enters into room residing in one wing of the building, then I reside in the other wing.
    I think, here may be two ways to solve problem.
    1. Notify only then player join/leave channel, where are I now.
    2. 1+add events "New player joins/leaves server"

    Why event "join" played through speaker, but not prints in log?
    Why "leave" prints & plays? Why not prints in log both?

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    Any answers to this ? is it a matter of configuration or is this a known issue ?
    The log info for new players entering the server would be veeeery helpful with the use of TSO

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    Bastian Guest
    TS 2 is not being developed anymore. There are some features in TeamSpeak 2 that still don't work exactly the way they are expected to work. The "Clan" / "Public"-Mode and sound notification system are two of these functions.

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