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    December 2003

    No one can join my server's


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    Yes, very exact problem description...

    Try a search fro port forwarding. Maybe you will find a hint for your problem.

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    scott2hot Guest

    Unhappy trying to start my own server.

    I set everything up like everyone says, changed my password, but I still cannot connect to it as a client. it is a public server with no password... what do I do?
    Every time I try to connect it says "no reply from server, maybe the server is offline or maybe teamspeak is not running on it".

    I read that someone else had this problem, and you were talking about a wan...I don't understand...
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    ralphe Guest
    I've got a problem, i can hear other people but they can't hear me. I already lookt at the manual but that doesn't work. I do have a SB live 1400 (creative) everything is set correct, also the mixer. I think i need a splitter for my 'main box' because if a put the microfone on the computer i don't hear anaything. Coud youb please help me.

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    pH1R3 Guest
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    Read the instructions, very useful btw, thanks, but I still have one question. I have a server address, port, login name and password, as I am an Admin for a server and naturally I have the server owner's permission. Is it possible for me to use WebAdmin for that server? And if so, how?


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    dragracer391 Guest

    i cant download ts

    i cant download ts it says page not found plz help

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    mr. hat Guest

    what do I enter for the url when setting up a server

    I am trying to set up a server and it asks me for a url what do I enter here? I am running windows

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    Exclamation Can't Join!?!?

    Hi I'v just done all the things! I can join the servere from my own computer where i hoste the servere. But when i join on another computer it says:
    [23:15:14] No reply from server
    Maybe the server is offline
    or maybe teamspeak is not running on it

    I have not done more than that.... Do i have to set up something in server.ini??????

    PliiiiZ help!

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    February 2004

    Unhappy Help me man u seem to know alot about ts Help me plz

    im getting this message when i try to instail ts

    Error creating registry key:

    RegCreateKeyEx Failed; code 5
    Access is denied.

    can u help me instail??? plz help

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    WarTiger Guest
    Wy can y connect on my server, and others can that not.

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    January 2004


    I am getting the "No reply from server
    Maybe the server is offline
    or maybe teamspeak is not running on it" message.

    I have attempted to set up my own server - its listed in the main web list: Nessies Server so I know it exists and I can admin it etc too. I have very very limited knoweldge of Team speak and computer waffle in genral so be gentle with me

    I am using XP with a netgear modem router. I read somewhere in here soemthing about Lans, Wan, etc etc (abit of a pc noob here - learn as I go along). So I figured maybe I needed to port forward. Logged into my netgear management bit, and it seems I need not only the IP ( i know my server IP but it asks me to put in the start port and the end port too. Where can I find this please? Or maybe that will not solve my problem at all and I am barking up the wrong lamp post?

    Thanks in advance


    Edited PS I did read the readme file with this bit:

    Q: Which ports does the TS2 Server use?
    A. 8767 UDP, Server
    How to change ? In the webadmin interface.

    14534 TCP, WebInterface
    How to change ? Location at server.ini: HTTPServer Port=14534

    51234 TCP, tcpquery port
    How to change ? Location at server.ini: TCPQueryPort=51234

    To get server to work behind firewall, nat, masq you
    need only to open/forward the 8767 UDP port.

    but I am not quite sure waht to make of it
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    gamefrog Guest
    i have d/l'd both client and server. tryin to admin my server but when i right click the ts icon, the "admin" part is "faded" out so i cannot click it to set it up.

    can someone give me a shout on this?

    thanks in advance.

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    dont know
    Hey all ..

    I got my TS2 Server running , I can get on it , but when my friend trysw to get it he cant , he gets this massage No replay from server or may be server is not running on Team speak 2

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    Gen.AdamRund Guest

    Angry Can't find my user name and pass

    You say to look in (crogram flies, Teamspeak2:Server)
    well i can't find my user name and password. HELP ME PLEASE

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