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    TSMate 1.3 : Winamp / telnet (foobar) interaction

    Here's the first 1.3 release of TSMate.
    This tool allows you to adjust winamp and / or foobar output volume as soon as someone speaks; then set volume up after a period with noone speaking.

    Here's the UI :

    Left slider is, as labeled, normal volume (= noone speaking), right slider is speaking volume...

    You can check winamp and / or foobar, it'll color red or green depending on 'interfacing' status, soft isn't up, etc.

    The bottom-right slider defines timer for the main seeking loop (= how much time between each speaker seeking).
    Set it lower if your computer is fine, set it up if it eats too much cpu.

    Finally, secs timeout is the number of seconds volume will stay down after noone speaks anymore (avoids hitches in sound).


    How to use :
    Unzip in any directory. Doesn't need to be in TS, winamp, foobar or whatever directory.
    Winamp control can be made out of the box without problems.

    Foobar (tested on 0.9.4)
    You'll have to install a telnet server plugin, couldn't get it to work in another way.

    The plugin is foo_controlserver, it can be found on this page. (bottom of first post, ( 134.79k ) )

    It doesn't need any configuration, though i'd recommend to limit it's allowed addresses to only.
    To do this, go foobar -> preferences -> tools -> control server -> Allow Addresses :

    TSMate is hard-coded to connect on, so changing controlserver port would get tsmate unable to connect to foobar.

    Source code as well as interface polish will come later, i'd like to get your impressions first.

    Enjoy !



    Download : TSMate v 1.3.0
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    Hey Vuuil, great program! I had a question, would it be possible to make an option that just had the program mute (or dampen) *all* other sound except TS? I typically use Real Rhapspdy to listen to music, and instead of trying to get anything custom made for that, I thought it might be simpler to mute the system volume minus Team Speak. But then again, I know nothing about programming!

    Thanks for all your efforts!

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    Updated first post, 1.3's out.

    Sorry sirix, that's be a bit too much of a hassle (for my skills, at least) to do, if that isn't even impossible.

    I'll drop an eye on real rhapsody and some other players to see if i can find ways to interact with their volume, though.

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    Does foo_controlserver allow to get current volume value? I really miss a plugin that could just temporary reduce foobar's volume and then restore it to previous value instead of some fixed valume...

    Update: Nevermid, gotta check the post date before replying..
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