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    Soem people can't conect to my servers, but most people can???

    Hi, I'm one of the admins of UCC ( ) who hosts free teamspeak servers, But I'm having a problem with one or two people conecting to us.

    If they enter a server adress for one of our servers in the text method:

    They Get socket error, strange as i have just copy / pasted they exact adress i use to conect to that particular server we host.

    if they enter the digit ip:
    They receive the error - Bad responce from server.

    I've walked through things such as firewall permissions on SP2 and making sure user can generate acceptions for ts2. all have come up as fine to work with ts..

    This really has me stumped any ideas?

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    socket error:
    could it be that there are sticky threads dealing with the specific socket error (note: there are quite a few socket error typs) ?
    I suggest you turn on the search and give next time detailed info what socket error so that I can directly blame you for not doing a search before posting

    bad response:
    that sound like a firewall problem as we have them almost daily (e.g. Firewalls are a good thing but ONLY if you know how to configure them correct

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    Yeah It's true that, I do usually have a brie flook for a similar topic but i was rushed so i thought sod it.. anyway what you have said is my theory aswell, unfortunatly I'm still having no sucsess isolating there problem.

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