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    Listen and talk on multiple channels

    I would have expected to have already been asked, but I have read through all of the other suggestions (only 2 pages!) and I don't see it, although there was a post by "Scrappy" that might or might not cover a similar topic (I can't quite tell) that got a response by Bastian that it has been requested "many times". I can't find those requests or the responses to them. If this has been asked and answered please provide a link to the information along with putting me in my place.

    I use TS playing on-line games. I would like to get the players to use two different channels when we play capture-the-flag type games, and we have tried this, but the group would rather have the commaradary of talking with all the players than the utility of using red and blue channels to aid in in-game stragety. I would like to have an ability in TS to target a message for either all other users (the main channel) or a sub-group (the red or blue channel), and at the same time have players be able to listen to both the main channel and one of the two sub-channels. Alternately, if there was a way to tagret a transmission to just one channel (say for example red) or both channels (red and blue), this would acomplish the same thing (by defaulting transmissions to both channels and only using one channel for private transmissions).

    I would use this in gaming, but I can see uses in the professional side of TS as well, for example in a meeting with clients or vendors, a company would want to have their members talk to all f the meeting members, but could also find it handy to be able to switch to a "company only" sub-channel and quickly discuss issues that can't be discussed in the larger group.

    Is there a way to acomplish this with TS? Has it been requested before, and if so is it being seriously considered or has it been rejected?

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    Its not yet possible and my guess is won't be possible in TS3 but that is only spec.

    While the in game aspect sounds nice. Your bussiness one is way off base. You don't hold a meeting with client(s) and then run off in their presence and hold a secret little conversation watch the client up and exit TS while you hold you private one its truly bad manners. (sticking them in a seporate subchannel for the whole meeting would be exactly the same as the above except your upfront with your bad manners) You wouldn't find many bussiness where the busness members all stand up during a meeting and head to another room to discuss something Its like inviteing clients to your office and you go in one room and have them in another and setup a video feed between tthe 2 room. If a company realy feels the need to hold a private conversation during a meeting it would need to be by a different means that wasn't visible to the client.

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    Thank you for the feedback. I am disapointed that this does not seem to be coming to TS.

    I don't think I made my expectation of how it might have been of use in a business model clear (to be fair that was not my focus), but let me offer a simple example: The client is not rudely stuck in some sub-channel; they are in the main channel. As far as they know they would be in the only channel. The company members could have their client software configured to monitor two channels, the main channel and a sub-channel or a parallel channel. They would normally speak on the main channel with the clients. But there could be occasions where a quick question or directive was sent to only company members that was not suitable for the client to hear, such as "has project so-and-so been announced yet so I can talk about it with the client" or "drop that line of discussion, you are talking about a project that will not be released until next year".

    In any event, it would be a very desirable feature for team style gaming and I hope it can be considered for some future release.

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    Isn't that the same as "Whiper" ???? I think that is what you are getting at?

    You can set up a second push to talk button and add "Only Company" reps and the clients can't hear what you are saying.

    All the company reps would have to "Add the others within the company as well"

    In Team Speak go to :

    Settings/ Key Settings / ADD and pick from list and set the push to talk to a differnet button than your "All Users can hear you " button.

    Example :

    My main key is ( - ) to talk everyone in channel.
    Secondary is ( + ) to talk to Match Commanders only .
    and third is ( / ) to talk the Innersquad only that I am in charge of giving final orders to.

    Being in a FPS gaming squad we use this in commanders positions" Squad within squad"

    So commander of A squad can give an order and everyone doesnt have to get the cross talk in battle.Or Commanders of A and B and C squad can talk with third "Push to Talk Button" with themselves to come up with better game plan and don't interrupt others playing .Then once A,B and C decide on plan they use #3 button to send it to who only needs it.It is very effective in hearing info as 30 people are not talking at once trying to give positions.....

    P.S. the users that are not added do not see lights flash from others whispering to each other.

    If a user is added they can even hear you if you are in a totally seperate channel.So make sure you un-add them at days end as it sticks on next session.

    So Joe in channel A with 2 clients can ask BOB in channel B a question and get a response from BOB without the 2 clients hearing

    The company members could have their client software configured to monitor two channels, the main channel and a sub-channel or a parallel channel
    So it would be monitoring other channels per say, just only talking amugst each other without others knowing it.

    If you had 2 channels "YOU" could hear and JOE Blurted out this guy/client is a butthole while "YOU" were in the middle of saying something to client, then the client might hear it through your MIC."NOT COOL"

    At least if you see JOE's light flash in signal you can not transmit while listening to him.

    Hope this helps


    TakeBK aka Lt.Col.Take*BK*K........... Bad Karma Squad/Kilo Division

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    While I realize this is a very old post the question is still relevant to my present needs. While whisper lists could get the job done they are cumbersome and must be maintained. If, as in the example above, the members on blue and red team were shuffled for the next match both whisper lists would need to be re made by everyone using them. Rather than fluid transition you need a 5 to 10 minute pause while everyone fixes their lists. To my knowledge its not possible to set a channel as a whisper target. If a channel were the target you could simply set each channel into you lists and the problem is solved.

    Mumble/Murmur, allows channels to be linked so conversations can be had across both channels yet a professional platform such as TS seems to be lacking any viable form of fluid voice communication across multiple channels without needing to first designate individual users to receive it. Ventrillo for example offered phantoms.

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    In TeamSpeak 3 you can set channels as whisper targets (I do not know about TeamSpeak 2 to be honest).
    Tools, Whisper Lists, New, Whisper to: Client & Channels, select your server on the right hand side and drag and drop the channels & clients you need into the middle. Done.

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