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    Where i can download b22_server_linux ???
    All URLs are dead

    sorry for my bad eng

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    This thread is so totally out of date as to be useless.

    i am trying to get TS to run on a BSD server and I'm getting this error

    17-10-06 09:49:16,ALL,Info,server, Server init initialized
    17-10-06 09:49:16,ALL,Info,server, Server version: Linux
    17-10-06 09:49:16,ERROR,All,SQL, Database initialization error: Library "" not found.
    17-10-06 09:49:16,ERROR,All,SQL, Database initialization error: Library "" not found.
    17-10-06 09:49:16,ERROR,All,SERVER, Start_Server: unable to open database

    But I can't for the life of me find any assistance here - the thread is too long and out of date.

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    Smile Better late than never?

    It's probably far too late to help.That looks like your install is pretty messed up. How'd you do that install?

    The only thing I could suggest is trying to reinstall from the FreeBSD packages system...

    pkg_delete teamspeak_server
    pkg_add -r teamspeak_server

    The packages and ports system on FreeBSD makes software installation a breeze, compared to how it's done in most flavours of Linux.
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    I'm trying to set up Teamspeak server on a shell via ssh with putty.
    I got the tar unpacked and when I give the start command I get this:

    ./teamspeak2-server_startscript start
    -bash: ./teamspeak2-server_startscript: /bin/bash: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

    what am I doing wrong? I didn't mess with any files, they are are installed directly from the .tar file.

    I installed the newer server_linux file and now I get this:

    ./teamspeak2-server_startscript start
    starting the teamspeak2 server
    Error, Either an old instance of teamspeak is still running, or
    an other application is using the tcpquery port!
    Error, Server was not started!
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    Edit teamspeak2-server_startscript and remplace /bin/bash by /usr/local/bin/bash

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    i get an teamspeak2-server_startscript: 8: syntex Error: expecting "in"

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    ok I just used the port system in freebsd where does it store files at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JROCK2004 View Post
    ok I just used the port system in freebsd where does it store files at?
    use locate command


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    Thumbs up Working

    Just wanted to post a quick update on a working confing on 6.2-STABLE, and also a quick fix for the start/stop script:

    I have linux_base-fc-4_10 installed which is at /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base-fc4
    linux_enable="YES" in my /etc/rc.conf
    in my kernel config:
    options COMPAT_LINUX

    If you dont have it compiled into your kernel the linux_enable should load the module at boot, so either way your fine.

    For the teamspeak2-server_startscript fixes:

    Line 16:
    for c in $(seq 1 10); do
    for c in $(jot 10 1); do

    Line 44:
    for c in $(seq 1 300); do
    for c in $(jot 300 1); do

    In linux seq will count from $1 to $2, freebsd uses jot instead, which counts up to $1 by intervals of $2.
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    Hi everyone

    I was doing some TeamSpeak related stuff last night and found this topic after looking for any possible issues with the .dbs files when copied over from a Windows TS Server when I realized : This topic is horribly wrong !!!

    - FreeBSD uses the /usr/ports/ directory to install programs.
    - In /usr/ports/audio/teamspeak_server/ you can find the latest copy of it after you have updated your ports tree from CVS by running CVSup.
    - To install TS Server just make sure you are root or have those permissions and type cd /usr/ports/audio/teamspeak_server/ && make install clean

    This will 2 things :

    1. Install Linux compatibility which uses a copy of Fedora at the moment.
    2. Install TeamSpeak Server ofcourse

    After this you can add 2 things to /etc/rc.conf :
    Now just reboot and everything will be up and running

    Ehm... OK so where do I find all the stuff for admin/superadmin login ??

    Just go to /usr/local/lib/teamspeak_server/ and there you can find the :
    - server.dbs = The database
    - server.ini = The file in which you can change settings like which port to run at.
    - server.log = This file keeps a log of what's going on with your server and contains the passwords you are looking for

    OK so how about restoring the $%)$(%@#)_$)[email protected]!# database ??

    Well it's pretty simple once you think about it like I did a bit too late
    - First I would suggest to backup the current fresh database just in case something goes wrong or goes wrong in the future.
    - Now just copy the database you want to restore over the current one.
    - After this make sure the teamspeak user and group have chown right of the server.dbs file !!
    How I did this ?? With my loyal buddy Midnight Commander which is available from the ports tree aswell

    - Go to /usr/ports/misc/mc/ and type make install clean
    - After it's installed do a quick reboot and just type mc and it will start Midnight Commander
    - Go to the TS Server directory.
    - Select the server.dbs file and press Insert to mark it.
    - Press F9 and go to Command and choose ChOwn
    - Choose user and group called teamspeak and confirm.

    Now the database has the right owner and teamspeak has enough rights to read and write to the database

    Do another reboot to test it and make sure all is fine !!

    Have fun

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    I have the MySQL Module running. Beyond that I am uncertain. Perhaps the TS Devs would be kind enough to comment here on where to look for guidance on this.

    As far as linux_base1.7_2, just goto google as I did and look for a hit that lets you download it. I used webmin to install it once I uploaded it.

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