Hey, a very annoying thing is happening to me in TS.
I Talk and it's fine. but if i open up, say.. a game or something. for an example. me and some friends use a teamspeak server to play ClanWar's on Counterstrike Source. but when i open up the game. and push the button to talk, All people hear is a "Buzzing, fuzzle sound" like : KKKRKRRRRRKRRRR.

to make it go back to people hearing me and not the annoying sound, i go into settings Options : and device : input device - output device.

in there i have "primary sound capture driver" and "soundmax HD audio 1 and 0" ...

i think it may have something to do with the fact that i have a microphone ATTATCHED into my laptop. and i'm talking through a microphone that i have bought and plugged in.
can it be that the codec's swap or something? how do i get rid of this problem? can i deactived/disable my microphone that is attatched inside of my laptop or something? pleae help.. this is very annoying me