I've noticed a bit whining and crying about the TS3 release in these forums. I feel actually it is a bit childish even though I can understand it in some extend for those who have waited since 2003. Nevertheless, the TS2 is working like a charm and it's admirable that the TS staff is indeed developing a new TS for us individuals to use for free, just like we do now with the TS2.

For us gamers that talks with our friends online through TS, there is no other solution more supreme than TS2 which is out there on the net, so all the credit should go to the TS team for creating this programme in the first place!

What I am exited about the TS3, is from what I understand in the Synology forums, is that the new TS3 will be combatible with network servers just like my own Synology DS207+ server.



So new products for us private individuals demands new program solutions, and that is just what the TS team is doing!

So what I am looking forward to, is to actually use teamspeak on my network server instead of having my computer powered on 24/7.
I am sure that you, the TS team have eough testers out there, but nevertheless I am stating my interest should you have the need or wants to test it on a network server like the Synology DS207+, I would be happy to be at your assistance.

In the meanwhile I wish you the best in developing the new Teamspeak!