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    Router accepts but does not find TS server


    I'm sorry to bother you with again the same subject as so many other people: creating your very own TS server. I've been on and read the sticky posts around here, I've done it all but can't seem to find the mistake/error,, But I guess this is the best place to go with TS2 troubleshoot

    I've installed the TS2 server and I'm able to access it when using as server address. My static IP is while the WAN IP of my router - and the one other people should be accessing - is I've forwarded following ports in my router settings: 8767 UDP, 14534 TCP, 51234 TCP (all with Lan IP Address as - my static IP) and I allowed them in my personal firewall (Vista) as well.

    This does not work. Did I just forgot something or am I'm doing something completely wrong?

    Thanks in advance,

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    since this is still a forum, I'm posting a link which will bring you to a page where I did get help and support You will find all answers needed for similar problems there.;start=8#8


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