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    Angry Problems and Completely Stuck

    I am now completely stuck. I installed server a few days ago and everything was sort of working, I could log in with the given superadmin username and password and could do this over and over again with no problems but had no idea on how to set it up until yesterday when I came across Jdawggs server guide which I found on this forum. I went through the part about making a new superadmin account and everything worked perfect up to that point. I then went through the part about making myself the super administrator which I done except I forgot to tick the box to make me the super administrator. THe problems began from here: I deleted the server admin account and then logged off. Some kind of error came up and I clicked the x to get out of it. I tried to log in with my new superadmin username and password, and it would not accept it (I had already deleted the username account I was given). The only thing I could think of doing was deleting the server; I also deleted the .exe file too. I downloaded the server again from the TeamSpeak Web site and after installation it gave me new usernames and passwords. I logged in using the new superadmin username and password and it let me in, so I logged out to see if I could get in again and it did not let me. I uninstall and installed the server several times.

    Now I am really confused and do not know what to do, the only thing I can think the problem could be is that there are files somewhere on my computer from past installations that are stopping me logging onto the server successfully. Does anyone have any suggestions on how it went wrong and how to rectify it?
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    Smile Sussed it

    Ive sussed the problem. I think there are some hidden files within the file I installed the server onto; even if I delete the TeamSpeak folder, they still exist, so I installed sever into a different folder and it now works. This time I remembered to tick the superadmin box and everything works fine so far. Fingers crossed

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    Start, run then type in %appdata%
    There you will find a folder called teamspeak2.
    But if i recall right only client data is stored there.

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