Recently I have reinstalled Windows XP on my Desktop, but this Time, it came with SP3 (Service Pack 3).

Some errors ocurred in my O/S.
The cause was the drivers.
I downloaded new drivers from ATI / ASUS / INTEL / Etc.. and I got the pc Up and running again.

I installed Teamspeak RC2, and when I ran it, I noticed the the sound wasn't working.

I tried all Input / Output settings, and options. Nothing.

Finnaly, I got updated drivers from Sweex homepage, and run it again.

This time, output was working, but I can't get my Input working!

Stuff that might help any one to find me a solution for this problem:
- Windows XP Pro SP3 Detects Input and Output
- My ATI SAPHIRE RADEON 9250 Needed new drivers.
- I have already updated the SWEEX 5.1. Sound Card Drivers.
- Teamspeak detects output, but not input.

Any idea of out to fix this?

Best regards,