A common problem we have while using Teamspeak is people talking over each other. Although there is low latency, a lot of people will talk at the same time, and the way we have our comms set up (a communication leader receiving messages from certain fireteams, who cannot hear enough other) means no one knows who is speaking.

We play tactical co-ops and were wondering if there is a solution to this.

We play up to 20 people a time. With a 4 man fireteam setup, and somtimes an Air force team (1-2 people) and maybe recon.

Each leader of the fireteam will have whispers setup to speak to the communication leader, who will then relay information to everyone, or certain individuals where necessary.

We have said that the fireteam contacts the communication leader and await a response before transmitting the whole message, however this can be distracting when someone else is relaying an important message already to the comm leader.

So, the question is. If someone is talking to you through whispers, and someone else tries talking to you - can you block anyone but the original person talking out from what you hear? A security system I use at work has a radio system that does this. If someone else is transmitting, you will not be heard unless you start transmitting before the other person does.

Hopefully you understand what i'm trying to achieve, as it's not the easiest thing to explain or find. If your unsure about something, don't hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,