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    Question Admin Page Login Hangs

    Server is on Slackware 12.1, but I like to admin it from my main computer (Vista). It's connected through a LAN and out through DSL.

    When I try to admin from my main PC however, I can see the login page, I put my information in, and instead of erroring out, banning me, wrong password or any other kind of message, it just sits there. The page load indicator is spinning along merrily, and it just seems to be stuck. I'd rather it give me some sort of feedback as to what the problem is, but currently it is just content to be in limbo.

    Everything else works fine, login through localhost is unaffected. I am just not clear on what is blocking my main PC from remotely administrating the server.

    Things I've done include deleting admin and superadmin, but that's a moot point as I have custom logins of each type that work fine.

    I disabled my server from being public, I assume this just keeps it from being listed on the web service.


    I am not sure what happened but I no longer hang when trying to access the server. I really have no other information than what I posted previously so it could have just been a fluke, or a hiccup, or some other unknown. If I get more information regarding this issue I'll post it, but for now it's solved. *shrug*

    Mod: feel free to delete this if it becomes stagnant.
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