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Thread: Auto Mute Mic?

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    Auto Mute Mic?

    Is there a parameter that I can use, or an option some where that will automatically mute the mic upon startup?

    I currently use parameters to connect to my server (so do my friends), so I was wondering if there's a parameter that will also automatically mute our mics too?

    Can anyone suggest another way to do this? I fear that I'm just going to have to create a program that sends the mute mic keys when teamspeak is started, but I thought I would ask here.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    I have found the SDK, but when I call this:

    PHP Code:
    tscontrol MUTE 
    It mutes both mic and speakers.

    I don't have Delphi and can't compile the edited exe. If some one does have Delphi, and would compile the new exe for me, it would be much appreciated.

    Alls they will have to do is change this function in the tsControl.dpr file:

    PHP Code:
    procedure DoMuteMuteBoolean);
    Res Integer;
    := tsrGetUserInfo(@UserInfo);
    res <> 0 then if not DisplayResultres then exit;
        then UserInfo
    .Player.PlayerFlags := UserInfo.Player.PlayerFlags or (pfInputMuted)
    UserInfo.Player.PlayerFlags := UserInfo.Player.PlayerFlags and Not (pfInputMuted);
    not DisplayResulttsrSetPlayerFlags(UserInfo.Player.PlayerFlags)) then exit;
    And that should do it, alls I did is take out the or pfOutputMuted to prevent it from muting the speakers.

    Perhaps an option can be added to this parameter that mutes the mic, or speakers, or both depending on the option. I can't do this as I don't have Delphi and know nothing about it (PHP, C++ and VB are my fields =(. ). I will learn if necessary and if given a good compiler (Have had baaaaaaaad experiences with Delphi). I would prefer an Admin or Moderator, or someone who is trusted on the forums to provide the exe please.

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    If someone could link me to a free Delphi compiler that will compile the exe I would settle for that too...

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