Vista, laptop, router, pretty fast cable and good bandwidth; already set up port forwarding via this page, which will also tell you what my router is and static IP via this page; I've double checked all the digits and everything looks to be in place. I'm not really a network tech by any means so I don't know anything about alternative ports but from my forumtrolling I think that I may need to use a different port. Or something. I do know that my static IP is now set correctly, I can use the internet freely.
I have had people try to connect and they get the "no communication from server, it may be down" message.
I also have an issue with the TS server not saving my information when I reboot. I have to rename everything, and the passwords for the admin accounts revert to default (that was pretty confusing before I figured out why I couldn't log in). I don't know if this issue is related but it is pretty annoying, and I don't think people in my guild will appreciate having to re-register frequently. I haven't rebooted since arranging my static IP so I don't know if that fixed the problem (but I have a feeling that it could have).
Windows Defender and my antivirus aren't blocking connections. Any suggestions or solutions are welcome, I'm sure I haven't tried everything. I'm not a computer engineer or a network tech so please don't throw too much jargon at me. Thanks ahead of time!