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    TS connection problems

    For over a week or so my teamspeak will not connect to any servers. I have tried multiple servers and I keep getting a message saying "NO REPLY FROM SERVER". This keeps happening to every server I try to connect to. I have teamspeak 2, which I believe is the latest version. Do I need some sort of upgrade?

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    I had this problem to, if you use Avia AntiVir Premium ( Firewall ) you must set the Firewall to "middle" and not to high.

    What firewall do you use ?
    And do you tried to disable your firewall for testing.

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    Thanks, it was my firewall. It is set to allow teamspeak, but for some reason it won't. So I set it to ask me if it should be allowed, so each time I connect it will ask me and I click allow.

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    Well i'm in the same situation, but that was before I upgrade to TeamSpeak 2 Server (Updated Executable)

    I didn't think about my "IP Adresse", by "Right Click on the Teamspeak Server", and find (Your IP's) = Lan IP, and that is my whole problem, because my other IP doesn't show up at all.

    And yes, I can find my TS Listen on the "Web Search List", I just cant access it.

    I have checked and checked, in the "Router" Configurations, For "Forward Rules" Applications and such, and my firewall settings, has even been tryed to be shut down.

    I'm using a Linksys Router, no need for specs, because I have tryied to "Flash Upgrade"

    You guys can P.M if you wanna try, takeing a crack at it, then i'll send you a ip


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