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    Multiple servers with dynamic DNS

    Hi everybody.
    I installed TS about 2 weeks ago and at that time I saw a post in the forum speaking about having multiple servers with a dynamic DNS and I can't find it anymore...
    Everythings is functional and I use TS since I installed it.

    Here comes my question :
    I made a second server for family use, since I don't really want my mother or my father coming in and beginning some family conversation while I'm with friends in a dungeon, or a friend coming and speaking about some crazy things while I'm with my family XD
    I got a host from DynDNS because of my dynamic DNS and because it was better to give an adress than a set of numbers but I don't know exactly how to do when I want to connect with my family server.

    I found in the forum that : work and I adopted it, but there are numbers again, and I don't think my family would remember easily that.

    So, is there another way to do that or not ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Two different servers can not use the same port for the same address. Change the port to something like 1010 or 1234 they are easy to remember. Just nothing over 65000
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    Thank you ^^

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