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    Exclamation Every player should have his settings

    Hello guys.

    First things first, thank you all for this wonderful tool that is TeamSpeak. I'm using it for years, before I had BroadBand... And thank you all for this intelligent solution to speak with our team mates without wasting my bandwitch...

    And today, I want to share my ideas with your community. I wish I had some skills to make my own scripts/tools etc... But unfortunately, I took a different path in my education.

    Anyway, let's get to the ideas I want to share.

    First, I have a little problem with TeamSpeak when I'm playing with my teammates. The problem is the following, there is a huge difference between the volume of my team mates. Some are very loud... For others, it's opposite, we barely hear them.

    Even my footsteps or a smoke grenade when I'm playing AA (America's Army) can hide their voices.

    So, If we could set the volume of every player in the channel... It would be much more useful than the general output volume we actually have.

    We did try to change our volumes individually in Windows... But no joy. We still have a hard time. We have to choose between loosing our ears every time the loud players speak or just ignore the messages from the players who have a low volume...

    both arent solutions...

    Another idea would be to cut the channels into two squads. One squad, speaks in your left ear, and the other in your right ear. This way, you know who is talking even if you dont know recognize the voice.

    Well, these are things I would like to see in TeamSpeak.

    Thanks a lot for your time. And I would be more than happy to read your answers.

    And of course, I'm my ideas arent completely stupid, I'm ready to share more wicked ideas. Just ask.

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    I beleive the ability to control the volume of individuals you listen to is already covered in the next release.

    As for squads.. no idea, not heard/seen that before.

    My question is: Did the request for a short Key Up beep/custom sound make it in?

    I'm talking about when someone is in push to talk mode or plays the Key Up sound when TS automaticly it detects you talking to indicate audio is being sent? - I love that feature in Vent.

    Got so used to hearing it so I knew when I/or someone else was sending audio. It's weard not having that tell-tail beep.

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    With TS3 comes 3D sound: You can place everyone in your channel to a specific position around you. So you could easily place all members of squad A to your left and all members of squad B to your right. This allows you to recognize who's speaking by the direction his voice comes from.

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    Most quiet people just dont know where the microphone boost option is. They need to check that. Personally i rather people fix their computers and get it working properly than having to have every single user edit the output volume of a particular member. While having the feature is nice, you shouldn't be relying on it. It should only be there as an option for users to make minor adjustments (even though you can do major adjustments).

    Its annoying when you join someones vent server and there are a few people who are really quiet, and you have to spend time finding out who they are to adjust their volume levels.

    I have been running a teamspeak server for years, and I havent found a single user that can't get their volume to an acceptable level whilst playing unless their microphone is physically broken.

    If you have realtek drivers (control panel->realtek) go to your mixer on the playback side click the "..." next to your mic input jack and check microphone boost, make sure the mute box is checked. Then adjust up or down the record nob till the volume is at an acceptable level.

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