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    Jack Audio for Music

    I'm not quite sure where to place this; if a mod would move it to somewhere more appropriate, if here isn't the place, that would be much appreciated.

    I've spent quite some time looking for ways to play music over TS, as I know many others have. The most common solution seems to be to set up a second client on a second computer, and have music playing through the speakers into a mic. I find this setup REALLY ugly, and it degrades audio quality WAY too much.

    Playing around, though, I've stumbled upon JACK Audio. This is an application (yes, runs on Windows) that lets you directly route audio from one application to another. From my understanding, it creates virtual audio devices.

    I haven't had a chance to play around with it on windows, but it should let you set up a virtual audio output (for, say, winamp, or whatever other music player) and a virtual input (think virtual mic) and join these two together. This way, your audio output from winamp goes directly to an audio input in TS. I think you'll still have to run two clients though.

    If TS doesn't support JACK, maybe there's a chance to work it in to the next release? Or this could be a jumping-off point for a better solution that speakers+mic+second computer?

    Hope this is helpful to someone. When I have more time in a few weeks I'll play around with this, and post back.

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    If you have two computers, you can set one of them to be the music. With that computer have the recording option to be "What you hear" or "wave out mix". That way it cuts out the mic and speakers and goes directly to the people on TS. Also, if it's still all distorted, try a higher codec in the channel so it broadcasts more clearly.

    Then on the other PC you can talk whenever you please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroTKA View Post
    If you have two computers, you can set one of them to be the music.
    But if JACK works the way I think it will, you'd eliminate having to have two computers

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    Quote Originally Posted by aschweitzer View Post
    But if JACK works the way I think it will, you'd eliminate having to have two computers
    you usually dont need two computers. basicly you can run it even on server or some other machine(computer) with sound card.
    more advanced way is using slax or something like that inside VM and you have all set in small additional RAM independetly on OS

    I will test JACK for ya.
    I knew about "virtual cable" but it isnt free (GNU GPL).

    there is also some other project which can add ability in TeamSpeak which allows you to leave voice message like in regular phone ...

    EDIT JACK is more like not adding any virtual soundcards into system it does work other way and thats why on windows its not gonna work as easy as you might think(tested). On linux maybe...

    as I said Virtual Audio Cable alias VAC is what you can search for and try. It does work. but it is not for free.
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